Welcom to SEO TRAFFIC service

seo traffic invnty

service provided by invnty, which allow you to get any mount of seach clicks that you need to make your domain and site hight in search enging resules. The service give you also some events on you site, like scrolling and moving between your site page to make a simple strong backlink.

SEO TRAFFIC gives you a free try because of the beta version before buying, you can get 50 traffic-free for a new user. You can get extra traffic if you invited new friends, You can use your invite link to get more traffic.

About Service

- Your site will review before send any traffic.

- For each traffic you will get 2-3 views to your website pages.

- 30 to 50 second of viewed for each session.

- Moving inside your website depended on backlinks.

- Sending traffic will begin after 5 - 7 hours of sending traffic requests.

Free Points: 50

Premium Points: 0